Announcing a World First

Merlin Press is proud to present the first songbook for women athletes ever published, drawn from the first collection of women's sports songs ever made:

The Women's Basketball Songbook by Dr. Jennifer McDowell

$19.95 - 120p.

Dedicated to the Rutgers' University women's basketball team, the Scarlet Knights, and coach and educator, C. Vivian Stringer, this songbook analyzes the meaning of Don Imus's remark of April 4, 2007 in which he casually called the team "nappy-headed ho's," causing the U.S. House of Representatives to come down on him with a resolution of suppport for the Scarlet Knights, 416-0. ["Duh, I goofed didn't I?"] The songbook presents answers with suggestions for bringing this remark into school classrooms beause, just as a life unexamined is not worth living, major statements such as the one Imus made must be examined to understand and improve society.

Find out in this songbook what we can learn from his remark about women, our society, gender and racial prejdice.


The Women's Basketball Songbook

Scarlet Knights versus Don Imus

This songbook features a basketball anthem, mix and match lyrics for Olympic sports, two basketball stories, poetry corner for women athletes, more songs, classroom topic suggestions, bibliography, and watercolor by Berkeley-Oakland artist, Daniel Marlin. Dedication to the Scarlet Knights





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Own a piece of history through The Women's Basketball Songbook
Songbook price $19.95, plus S and H
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The songbook centers around the Dedication, "Answering the Call to Greatness." It links Imus's remark to the fascism of World War II, and to Jesse Owens' confrontation with fascism in the 1936 Olympics, held in Berlin. It centers also around a basketball anthem titled "Our Women Are Strong," written for mixed voices, for solo and unison voices, and for pep bands. Thirty-five lyric subsitiutions expand the sports coverage to include all sports in which women athletes participate at the Olympics: javelin, shot put, high jump, broad jump, weightlifting, running, swimming, rowing, sailing, canoeing, rugby, biking, skating, softball, etc.

Featured too is a parody song titled "Imus the Minus" for girls-night-out parties, based on Bob Dylan's "Blowing' in the Wind."

How many roads must a woman walk down
Before she knows she's a woman?
How many roads must Don Imus talk down
Before he learns to love women?
How many fem-meets must the whole world attend
Before it changes its opinions?
Before the world learns, eggs are as good as sperms
That women count just as much as men do?

Ni Putes, Ni Soumises [Neither prostitutes, Nor Doormats
a pro-woman organization in France] says "Hell no, we won't go
Along with sex discrimination."
Prostitutes or doormats! What a choice!
No, no, to sexist limitations.
Imus is a minus, Japan has to pay
For what it owes the comfort women
The answer my friend is eggs are as good as sperms
Women count just as much as men do.
Women count just as much as men do.

The songbook also features songs relevant to women's personal lives: "Money Makes a Woman Free!" "Cinderella with a Ph.D." and "A Heart Full of Love."

Here too is a basketball story, an anti-Don-Imus tee-shirt story, and a selection of top poems for women athletes drawn from the award-winning anthology Contemporary Women Poets, An Anthology of California Poets. Poets featured include Wendy Rose, Susan Anderson, Nanying Stella Wong, Gael de la Roziere, Cloud Giordano, Jeanne Marie Lawrence, and Robin Johnson.

Using her pro-woman lens, the creator of this songbook brings world issues to life, with a banquet of food for thought. Dr. Jennifer McDowell's musical work is appreciated
by San Jose, California's former mayor, Janet Gray Hayes
by editor of Real Sports, Amy Love
by major tennis star Martina Navratilova
by San Jose State University Bandmaster - Scott Pierson
by Mountain View City Councilmember - Rosemary Stasek
by Professor of Composition at the College of Idaho, Lisa Derry
by CI men's basketball coach, Marty Holly
and many others

This exciting, highly-original songbook will help all women arm themselves for taking on prejudice, bigotry, sexist fascism. Here is a story that appears in the songbook that shows how the Imus type of prejudice can be confronted:

On Wearing My Anti-Don-Imus Tee-Shirt

by Jennifer McDowell, Ph.D

A few days ago when I sent my anti-Don-Imus tee shirt on its maiden voyage through Whole Foods, an upscale food store in Cupertino, California, I wore the navy one with the swhite lettering. There is also a pink one and a purple one.

People noticed me right away. In fact, my husband, the Sovietologist, was so embarrassed he refused to photograph me more than once, at the entrance, and he was the man who had gone head to head in a debate with one of Joseph Stalin's top spies who also was a multiple murderer (on Stalin's orders), General Alexander Orlov.

The first reaction was that people tried to act natural, nonchalant.

"Uhhh, I don't think I saw what I saw, did I?"
"Better not notice that, whatever it is . I don't wanta get involved. Hmmm."

"Uhhh, I don't think I saw what I saw, did I?"
But suddenly a middle-aged guy sends me a great big dirty look. Uh oh, he's an Imus-ite. "How dare you attack my idol." (If looks could kill.)

We move along, out of range of his bad rays.

Next we order a case of Nana Mae apple juice and the Whole Foods clerk can't figure out how to look at me. I'm pretending nothing unusual is going on, and so she starts looking at me sideways, but she is really saying. "My god, I'm not seeing what I'm seeing—'I AM NOT A WHORE, DON IMUS'—and it's right on the shirt, walking around in our spectacular, upscale food store." And so she kept pretending she wasn't seeing anything unusual and when the whole order was completed, she was visibly relieved. She had escaped this ordeal unscathed. Very sophisticated.

Then we ran into two respectable looking, about 40 years of age, Indian men, and they didn't hide a thing. They were utterly shocked and fascinated. Their stares said, "This kind of thing never happens in India. This lady must be politically active. Will she take a fancy to me? Could we have a fling? Oh, couldn't we? Please."

Next a beautiful lady, around 55, with an elegant coiffure, walks by and she laughs out loud. We're on the same wave length. This tee shirt is her cup of tea.

Then we buy two Idaho trout at the fish department, and at first the lady fish monger was not looking at me. But after she wrapped up the fish, she started to hand me the package, and then she saw the shirt, and she got so startled she dropped the fish right in front of God and everybody. The fish fell right out onto the floor with a loud "kerchunk." I retrieved it, and she couldn't apologize enough.

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