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SHE, A Tapestry of Women's Lives

“This CD is full of potential Broadway hits and features lots of different life experiences. It has strong women and dirty men, and shows it takes a strong woman to clean up after a dirty man. Some men you just can’t help loving even though they have faults. Special picks: ‘There’s Nothing I Like Better Than a Man Who’s Clean,’ ‘Blue Rose Blue,’ and ‘Cinderella with a Ph.D.’ Highly recommended.
—LORRAINE GRANT, Managing Editor and entertainment writer for Buffalo Soldier and Exodus

“These songs are original, unique and timely. Everybody should hear them.”
—JANET GRAY HAYES—As the first woman mayor of a major U.S. city—San Jose—she made history and showed what women can do in politics.

“SHE speaks to young women, middle-aged ones and older women. Women of all ages and lifestyles will love it. It will make them laugh, learn and let go. I write about a woman like your woman in ‘At Fifty.’ Congratulations on getting so many great singers and fine musicians involved in this gift you have composed for all women.”
—RUTH H. JACOBS, Ph.D.— professor, poet and sociologist at Wellesley College

“Fantastic!! Where did you get those singers? This is a fabulous package.”
—SCOTT PIERSON—San Jose State University’s bandmaster

“This unique CD, full of creative thinking, shows the importance of women’s rights in a way no other medium could.”
—NORA CAMPOS—City Councilmember, District Five, San Jose

“Talk about talent! The songs and performances are made for each other. Especially fine are ‘Money Makes a Woman Free!’ ‘At Fifty,’ ‘Coffee’s My Religion,’ and ‘Our Women Are Strong.’ ”
—RENÉE WALKER PRITZKER— author of Texas Rangeland, poet

“Combines a delicacy and wit...you’ll want to hear again and again.”
—PAULA FRIEDMAN— writer, editor of Open Cell and Songs for Our Voices

“People want songs about the lives they live, and they expect more from lyrics today. There’s a treasure trove of singing here. The songs are wise and intelligent. Special are ‘There’s Nothing I Like Better Than a Man Who’s Clean,’ ‘Bright Shelters in the Rain,’ ‘Intern Girl’ with its exquisite architecture, and the mystical ‘Blue Rose Blue.’ ”
—DANIEL MARLIN— poet, essayist, artist and translator

“ ‘Our Women Are Strong’ is right for the Olympics, college, university and high school athletic programs, for girl scouts, campfire girls, the YWCA, for leagues and associations that feature women’s sports. It also is perfect for TV and radio programs that feature women’s games.”
—AMY LOVE— Editor of Real Sports

“Thank you for caring.” [About “Our Women Are Strong”]

“I like ‘The Wearing of the Green Burkas’ very much.”
—DR. MARTHA BURKE— Women’s rights activist

“ ‘ Our Women Are Strong’ is great for the Bobby Soxers, soccer in the Bay Area, the softball league, and young women’s sports’ leagues in general.”
—ROSEMARY STASEK— Mt. View City Councilmember

“Very enthusiastic” about “The Wearing of the Green Burkas”
—DEBBIE GORE-MANN— Activities Director, Women’s Athletics, Stanford University

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Intern Girl

"They've done it again! That's right, the teams of Rodgers & Hart, and Jagger & Richards are just gonna have to step aside for that duo of McDowell & Loventhal. Their latest collaboration is Intern Girl, a penetrating look at the "trial of the century." It is the first song in American history to truly examine the causes of the impeachment and trial of an American president. Certainly America has a long history of tuneful political commentary and Intern Girl fits right in, but one of the things that makes 'Intern Girl' different is the way it projects the viewpoint of the individual most stigmatized by the personal situation. So if it's political satire with a beat that gets you up on the good foot, you'll want to own Intern Girl. Lord knows we need all the smiles we can get.
—RANDALL W. ANDERSON— music specialist, San Jose State University

Intern Girl is very funny, well-produced, and fine for radio.”
—JIM MURPHY— Music Director, KEZR and KLUE

Intern Girl is very good, very funny.”
—PETER JON SHULER— South Bay Bureau, KQED radio

Intern Girl is funny stuff.”

As Shadows Flee the Rising Sun

"I love your play [As Shadows Flee the Rising Sun] . It is beautiful I wept when I read it. How could an American playwright know so much?"
—MIMI RAMSEY— FGM SURVIVOR AND CAMPAIGNER against this practice. She is from Ethiopia and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, in The Atlantic Monthly, and Ms. named her Woman of the Year in 1996. McDowell wrote the first play on Female Genital Mutilation in English.

"I was moved, informed and enthralled by your narrative [As Shadows Flee…] your articulate language and imagery."
—MAXINE KERN— Literary Manager, New Georges theater

This [As Shadows Flee…] is a very moving piece…of unusual importance and ramifications.
JUDITH H. ROLLINS— Artistic Director, Actors Theatre of Phoenix

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Under the Moscow Moon

Under the Moscow Moon "is, most assuredly, cleverly written And incredible timely….I applaud your writing talents."
—NANCY BOSCO, Literary Advisor, Circle in the Square Theatre

"A highly creative script, with fine writing.

"Under the Moscow Moon is engaging, insightful, and well-written."
BILL DELUCA—Chair, New Play Selection Committee, Dept. of Theatre Arts, California State University, Dominguez Hills

"Under the Moscow Moon is excellent work, very entertaining."
—PROFESSOR ROBERT SLUSSER— specialist in Soviet foreign relations and music

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General Comments

"With her [McDowell's] clear picture of the absurdity of our present situation and past times, she has created a piece where form and content become delightfully welded. [In her work] we have a mighty weapon penned by a superbly learned and talented commentator. [She has] sharp insight…critical acumen…humor that makes me giggle uncontrollably and groan in recognition of its underlying truth…"
PROFESSOR RICHARD D. PARKS— N.B.C. producer and theater director.

"I love the flow of your work, the speed of it. I am reminded of Laurence Sterne and Irving's According to Garp. There is a more subtle sense of humor and rapier wit than Irving had. The feel I have of immediacy, quick dialogue, instant contact. The whole darts back and forth, and at the same time demands your intelligence. The writing is excellent…I found no whit of lag or syntactical negligence. Your energy absolutely astounds me. I find no lags or stops or bores in the entire manuscript."
SUSAN BARRETT— Poet with many books

"Your work is brilliant, with sharp insight.
HERB CAEN— columnist:

"Your songs are delightful."
DIANA BIRKENFIELD— Executive in charge of production for The Muppets:

"Your musical comedy is among the finest being written today. It is different enough to be highly successful."
LEONARD AULETTI— creator of "The Bunny Hop"

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Janet Gray Hayes
Intern Girl
As Shadows Flee the Rising Sun
Under the Moscow Moon
General Comments

What do Judy Collins, Katie Couric, Kurt Masur, Julie Gold and Whoopie Goldberg have to do with SHE?

Playing varsity women's tennis doubles at the University of Idaho.

A Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Oregon

A band musician with half-time maneuvers and tours.

Toscanini rehearsals and Gustave Mahler

Private study with Leonard Auletti, who wrote "The Bunny Hop" which was popularized by Stan Kenton.

Composing women's athletic songs.

Working for Lorraine Grant, Editor-in-Chief at Buffalo Soldier and Exodus.