SHE Gets Top Marks From Many:

JANET GRAY HAYES-first woman mayor of a major U.S. city, San Jose
LORRAINE GRANT- entertainment editor for Buffalo Soldier and Exodus
RUTH H. JACOBS, Ph.D.-poet, sociologist, women's rights advocate, Wellesley College
NORA CAMPOS-San Jose Councilmember
DR. MARTHA BURKE-women's rights activist
DEBBIE GORE-MANN-Activities Director, Women's Athletics, Stanford University, currently at the University of San Francisco.
SCOTT PIERSON-San Jose State University bandmaster
PAULA FRIEDMAN-magazine and poetry editor
ROSEMARY STASEK-former mayor of Mountain View, whose untimely death in Afghanistan is a great loss to the world.

SHE features 18 thematically-related songs from diverse genres, that deal with the deepest issues of humanity and cast a net of beauty that reveals and inspires. The different musical styles give different options and expand reach. Like Norah Jones's work, SHE does not pander to the audience. SHE reflects the highest artistic freedom as it moves through subjects basic to women's lives.

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