We sell music CDs, books, musicals and musical revues such as The Burkas Can Can. We poke fun at the Mighty Mullahs, and support the Founding Mothers. The Smithsonian collected our Intern Girl in April 2002. In April 2004 we received a California State University —ERFA Foundation Grant for our CD SHE and our musical revues.

On July 21, 2004, The Norwegian Nobel Institute collected our SHE for its tribute to their 2003 Peace Prize winner, Iranian human rights attorney, Shirin Ebadi, Iran's first woman judge, and for SHE's impressive, enjoyable songs. Ebadi lost her judgeship in 1979 due to gender prejudice, but refused to accept defeat. At the risk of her life, she fought for the rights of women and children, and for democracy. It is a privilege to be her CD, one of only two music CDs collected by the Nobel Institute in its 100-year history.

Abbie & Dolley Records, was established in 2003.
Click here for a history of the logo of our company:

Our first release is SHE, A Tapestry of Women's Lives, an award-winning album of 18 songs, featuring 12 singers, to celebrate women. It says WOMEN MATTER and HUMAN RIGHTS FOR WOMEN WORLDWIDE. Its award-winning composer and lyricist, Dr. Jennifer McDowell, works with equal skill in the many genres featured here, including choral music that supports equality for women's sports.

SHE's award-winning musical revues scintillate with fun and controversy, featuring eight scandals:

  1. "The Burkas Can Can," a farce featuring such songs as "Multiculturalism Died of Despair" and "Money Makes a Woman Free!"-stars a feisty Islamic woman. She tells the world what she really thinks in a free, honest voice. Her story covers veils, headscarfs, and many wondrous things that she lays out like a tray of enchanting canapés. The farce roars to a conclusion with The Burkas Can Can.
  2. "Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs Revisited"
  3. "Cinderella with a Ph.D." features a superlative slavery battle among three sopranos, closing with a shocking duel about the issue-are women slaves in Islam? Song title: "Give Me (or You) That Old Slavery, Slavery." Song includes Female Genital Mutilation.
  4. "Jonathan's Harem" needles Don Juans.
  5. "Hello Joyce, or, Shaky Marriage." Surviving single momhood.
  6. "Four Young Women of Valor" sets the record straight on sexism via
    Anita Hill who bops Clarence Thomas and her critics at the famous hearing.
    Patty Hearst who gets the last laugh on the FBI, her jury, and other Doubting Thomases.
    Monica Lewinsky-Her Gallup Poll is like election returns and she won.
    Joan of Arc who talked to angels and got better advice than most presidents.
    And their Black Muslim Defense Attorney,
    Leila Ali
    , who asks, "Where are the Medals of Valor for these four women who showed extraordinary courage under fire?"
    This frolic is good for all time and for this election year.
  7. "Love Is Cheaper Than War," a confection loaded with gender jokes.
  8. "People of Every Age Should Have the Stage" which supports people at all stages of the life cycle, and throws dirt on the "Duty to Die" movement.

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Lipstick & Toy Publishing

Lipstick & Toy Balloons Publishing Co., begun in 1978, has released several women's sports music CDs, and its 1998 Intern Girl was included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in April 2002.

We feature a magical musical comedy on war and peace-Under the Moscow Moon. It has two ghosts, UFO visitors, a world battle, and a pair of lovers on a quest. We've rewritten "The Star-Spangled Banner" for our scandalous Shakespearean oatmeal operetta, This Shall Be Oatmeal's Finest Hour. Our mission is to tell all in imperishable songs and witty dialogue, applying an unerring nose for scandal.

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Merlin Press logo

Merlin Press, begun in 1973, published an award-winning book, Contemporary Women Poets, an Anthology of California Poets, supported by the California Arts Council and given the Service to Poetry Award by the Poetry Organization for Women.

Merlin Press has new offerings that unite songs and poems in five new books for women athletes. These books feature freedom songs for the world.

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On March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams asked her husband, John, to "remember the ladies" in the U.S. Constitution but he did not, and today the Adam's Rib Racket is a show we need to close. Our three companies are helping out via outrageous frolics through the major issues and hypocrisies of today and tomorrow. What we do is fluff up the stuff and refuse to adjust.

One burka says to another: "This has been a bad hair day."

Misogyny and anti-Semitism are the opium of the idiots.

We need an International Court of Appeals for women whose cases have been shredded by the Shar'ia-the Islamic legal code.

The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has yet to be passed.