Funny SHE Review

By Mullah Musso Al-Fumblioni
From deep in the heart of Syria,
Passed hand to mouth via the
Mullah-Free Underground

This sin spot of songs which contains a Smithsonian acquisition is a heresy aimed at destroying Islam's women's prison via its Gospel According to Women. With daggers drawn, SHE is seeking to squash our misogyny's fruits cultivated over the centuries, leaving our planet overstuffed with veils.

Our Supreme Leader has said, "If the Islamic Revolution has no other outcome but the veiling of women, this in and of itself is enough." Bani-Sadr proclaimed in 1981 that science proves a woman's hair gives off rays that drive men mad. Former president H. Rafsanjani continued the theme in 2002 saying "A strand of a woman's hair emerging from under the hejab is a dagger drawn at the heart of Islam."

Making matters worse, SHE has created a mother of all scandals—The Burkas Can Can.

It's impossible to capture the full horror of this Gospel, but I will try. Men must (imagine this) give up their monopoly on money, education, the arts and sciences, the professions, politics, marriage, divorce, child custody, travel, and the streets. We are expected to share EVERYTHING equally with women, putting an end to harems, honor killings, rape, prejudiced laws, woman beating, wife abuse and neglect, not to mention common courtesy.

The songs most dangerous to us mullahs are "Money Makes A Woman Free!" "Our Women Are Strong," "Jonathan's Harem," "At Fifty," "The Wearing of the Green Burkas," "Coffee's My Religion," and "There's Nothing I Like Better Than a Man Who's Clean."

Nuff said.

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